In the HOA industry, we frequently hear certain words tossed around when it comes to board duties.  We hear words such as “fiduciary”, “duty”, and “obligations”.  But rarely does anyone actually reference a specific statute or specific language in a statute addressing board duties. The truth of the matter is that such a statutory provisionGo to Resource
A board position in your homeowner’s association affords owners the ability to provide a great service to their neighbors and community. However, such service comes with certain responsibilities that are often overlooked. This includes protecting the association from unintended liability. While no amount of preparation or planning can immunize an association from being sued, thereGo to Resource
Tired of hearing phrases like that each time you send a violation letter?  Tired of feeling like you are back in grade school?  Enforcement of covenants seems to bring out the same questions of fairness we had when we were all children.  We want to be treated fairly and we don’t want to be toldGo to Resource
Service as a board member in a community association can be time-consuming and exhausting. Many board members shoulder burdens for informational review and factual investigation which prevent them from overall policy development, governance, and fiscal and operational management. When properly structured and utilized, committees are a valuable tool for boards of directors. Committees allow boardsGo to Resource
The tension between smokers and non-smokers in community associations, especially condominium and townhome communities where owners share walls, floors and ceilings, is not a new topic.  For years, associations have grappled with balancing individual rights against growing health concerns about second hand smoke.  That debate has become more complicated and prevalent in recent years withGo to Resource