Effective Use of Committees

Service as a board member in a community association can be time-consuming and exhausting. Many board members shoulder burdens for informational review and factual investigation which prevent them from overall policy development, governance, and fiscal and operational management. When properly structured and utilized, committees are a valuable tool for boards of directors. Committees allow boardsGo to Resource

Marijuana In The Air: Impacts on Community Associations

The tension between smokers and non-smokers in community associations, especially condominium and townhome communities where owners share walls, floors and ceilings, is not a new topic.  For years, associations have grappled with balancing individual rights against growing health concerns about second hand smoke.  That debate has become more complicated and prevalent in recent years withGo to Resource

If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island Would You Be Better Off On Your Own or With Someone?

Earlier this year I attended a class called Synergistic Decision Making.  We learned how groups that work effectively together make better decisions than even the most qualified individual.  We also learned how different views, when combined, lead to better solutions.  And we learned all of this by performing a single exercise.  It was fascinating. ThereGo to Resource

Spotlight on the Community Nomination Form

Do you manage or live in an association that deserves recognition because it has done something exceptional??  If so, please let us know about this association and maybe your community will be featured in our new monthly column “Spotlight on the Community”. Spotlight on the Community will debuted in our July 2011 newsletter and willGo to Resource

Best Practices #5 Community Harmony (Published by Community Association Institute Research Foundation)

Community Harmony & Spirit According to Foundation for Community Association Research’s National Survey of Community Association Homeowner Satisfaction, the average community association resident volunteers twice a year for community-sponsored events. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said that they participate in each of the following community-wide events: parties, holiday celebrations, neighborhood watch programs, and community holidayGo to Resource
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