Wednesday, January 8, 2014 is first day the Colorado General Assembly convenes for 2014. This year most likely more than 600 bills will be considered with a few hundred being passed.  But, will any of those bills affect community associations? Chances are there will be one or more bills affecting associations. As we discussed in our prior post, it is likely we may see bills related to an out of court binding dispute resolution process and restricting or limiting transfer fees among other things.

As we have since 2010, we will provide up-to-date tracking of each and every bill introduced (both local and federal) that might affect associations and offer you resources and opportunity to have an impact on legislation.

David A. Firmin
2 responses to “Mark Your Calendars!
  1. Oh, you can surely bet that there will more legislation this session for the purpose of micromanaging our industry! It will be interesting, as it is every year, to see these mostly-misguided efforts play out. I wait with baited breath!
  2. In the event of a conflict, such as smoking Marijuana in a condo unit where there is a no smoking policy, which of the two take precedence?
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