On January 30, 2018, the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee conducted a public hearing on the Community Association Manager Sunset Bill. After hearing public comments from interested parties, the Committee approved the introduction of HB 18-1175, which supports a majority of the recommendations contained in the 2017 Sunset Review Report provided by the Department of Regulatory Agencies. HB18-1175 was introduced last weekend.

HB 18-1175, sponsored by Representatives Kraft-Tharp, Thurlow and Gardner, contains all of the recommendations in the Sunset Review Report except for Recommendation No. 2, which concerns the licensure of Management Company Entities. This recommendation will remain a topic of consideration as the Bill moves forward in the approval process.

The Sunset Review Report recommendations that are included in the Bill relate to:

• Continuing the Manager Licensure program until 2023;
• Allowing the Director to promulgate rules clarifying the supervision requirements for support staff;
• Amending the supervision requirements for an Apprentice License to remove the “direct supervision” requirement;
• Repealing references to private professional credentials, and authorizing by rule any credentials, examinations or education deemed equivalent or superior to the education and examination otherwise required by the directors;
• Enhancing the due process protections of a cease and desist order; and
• Including an administrative recommendation to create an advisory committee to assist with rule drafting.

Stay tuned as we keep you up to date on HB 18-1175, as it makes its way through the approval process.

2 responses to “Manager Licensing Bill Introduced – Includes a Majority of the Recommendations Contained in the 2017 CAM Sunset Review Report
  1. I think companies should be licensed, and thereby responsible for all in their employ, not just managers.

  2. I serve on a BOD and strongly recommend that all management companies be licensed. I also feel that all employees should be trained and meet a standard that is overseen and supervised by the Owner of the Management Company.
    Being assured that a management company is licensed and has passed a certain credential, is one ” assurance and fails-safe” for BODs and Comminities in hiring such.
    Thank you

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