HB 13-1137, a bill aimed at eliminating restrictions that prevent a board of county commissioners from removing weeds, is making its way through the legislative process.  The bill has been amended to indicate that a lien shall be placed on a property for the cost of weed removal. As amended, the bill also prevents removal of weeds on a lot while it is in foreclosure.

David A. Firmin
One response to “The Legislature Takes on Weeds
  1. I have yet to read the bill, but I am an HOA officer. The residents should have the ability to control the appearance of their neighborhood in the event of a forclosure. We have experienced the reluctance of the mortgage holders to own up to these responsibilities. If the HOA can’t control this, it brings down the values of the entire neighborhood. Imagine living next to a neglected forclosed home. How,as a neighbor, would you feel about it? We live in an upscale community and it is happening here. It happens everywhere. All homeowners need the Legislatures support to help us avoid what can easily become unsightly and problem homes.
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