With the manager license clean-up bill (HB 1343) about to become law, many are excited to have clarifications in place, and find a certain level of security knowing they can obtain a “provisional license” through the end of 2015 if they are not licensed by the original July 1, 2015 deadline.  But have you read the verbiage of the bill with respect to provisional licenses?  If so, you may have the same questions as this author.

The provisional license verbiage is contained in the portion of the bill amending CRS §12-61-1003(9) and provides that the director of the CAM program may grant a provisional license to a CAM applicant who has not passed the state exam.  Does this mean the applicant must have taken the State exam at least once to be eligible for the provisional license? Are managers who have not yet completed all their educational requirements and therefore not taken the exam eligible for the provisional license?  And, since the statutory provision is discretionary for the director, and there is no mandate that the provisional license be provided, may circumstances exist pursuant to which licenses will not be granted?  Do you have questions about this provision as well?  Let us know your thoughts.

Don’t forget to review our article Steps to Getting Licensed as a Community Association Manager if you are not sure where you are in the manager license process.

For more information or if you have questions concerning the CAM license process, please call a Altitude Community Law attorney at 303.432.9999.

One response to “HB 1343: Who is Eligible for a Provisional License?
  1. Well, I’ve completed all the steps and passed the test, but cannot submit my paperwork until the owner of my management company is licensed. Am I eligible for a “provisional” license? I don’t happen to think my career should be dependent upon others over whom I have no control. Putting it under the control of CAI and the state is bad enough.

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