Today, DORA held a hearing on the proposed permanent rules for manager licensing. Testimony was given by over a dozen individuals. We should receive final rules within the next week. As always, we will keep you informed when they are released.

During the hearing it was announced that the annual license fee for individual managers will be $205 and $175 for management companies.

3 responses to “DORA Hearing Today
  1. Smaller HOA’s are trying to keep their infrastructures in great shape without raising the dues. Management licenses are sounding more reasonable than the original projection. The Management Classes are pretty expensive. Hard to recover if an HOA doesn’t retain their manager year to year.
  2. DORA still has not addressed the concerns of people living on the western slope that have to drive to the front range to take classes and certification. Why don’t the instructors drive to the west slope and provide classes. There are a lot of local colleges and conference centers where the classes could be given. This seems simple for a couple of people to make the trip instead of a lot of people required to go to the front range. The certification deadline should be extended another year until DORA addresses the issues of people living out side the front range.
  3. You mean there’s a fee for testing AND a separate fee for the license? Coupled with the required class and certification, this is turning out to be quite pricey, especially for someone who manages one association! But we knew this would happen. The state and CAI stand to rake it in. And many will just leave the profession, rather than go through the burdensome process and pay the exorbitant fees. I guess to the owners of management companies and attorneys–the ones who wrote and pushed for this legislation–the price doesn’t seem too high.
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