After the hearing held on January 2, 2015, DORA has adopted 3 emergency rules regarding manager licensing. The rules pertain to License Qualifications, Applications and Examinations, the Licensing Office and Renewal, Transfer, Inactive License, Reinstatement and Insurance.  These rules contain no major changes from the proposed rules presented at the hearing.  Most of the changes are “clean-up” of language and clarification of terms within the rules.

These rules are effective immediately and will remain in place until May 6, 2015.  A hearing on the final Rules for (A, C and D) will be held in late February or early March. At that time we also believe they will hear comments on proposed Rules B, E and F.

To learn more about the rules and what will and may be required of you once you are licensed, sign up for our webinar on January 14, 2015 entitled Manager Licensing: Where Are We With This?

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