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Today marks the first day of the legislative session for 2015.  With the very turbulent past few years, marked by strict party politics, grid lock, recalls and a change in the majority party in the state senate, which now has a republican majority by one vote, the session could start a new era of reaching across the aisle with cooperation.  Or, it could be marred by partisan grid lock and inaction.  In some cases, this may be the best situation for community associations and HOA law generally. 

With the 2014 legislature approving bills related to manager transparency and owner emails, and introducing, but not passing, bills relating to construction defect reform and lien rights for limited assessments communities, it is clear the legislature will have associations in its sight again this year. As the Colorado HOA Forum continues to levy attacks on management companies and dispute resolution procedures, we can expect continued pressure from them on these issues. 

So, while it is impossible to predict what bills may be produced with certainty in a particular year, what we do expect is another attempt to increase the production of affordable housing; meaning the introduction of some sort of construction defect reform bill.

All indications are that it will look very similar to the bill that was introduced last year, which will virtually strip the rights of all homeowners to hold builders accountable for construction defects.  We strongly encourage owners to contact their legislators to express your concerns over this potential bill.  

Additionally, as the manager licensing requirements are now in effect, we expect to see some sort of manager licensing clean-up bill.

As always, you will be able to find up to date information on the legislative session on this site.

David A. Firmin, Esq.
3 responses to “2015 Legislative Session Starts Today
  1. Oh goodie! The return of partisan politics and the opportunity to be over-regulated. I can hardly contain myself.
  2. While there is an office to take complaints about HOA’S they are only reported and nothing is done. It is time that office became a place that did more than just document problems.
  3. “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” Mark Twain.
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