A few days ago I attended an educational program hosted by the Spire for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of CAI. One of the speakers was Tom Wuertz of Handprint Architecture who spoke about a newly formed private organization that is looking for community association members.  Denver 2030 District is a community of high performance buildings in downtown Denver that aims to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption and reduce emissions from transportation while increasing competitiveness, reducing resource use and increasing return on investment.  If your community is within the boundaries of Little Raven, Park Avenue, 12th and Grant, I would encourage you to consider joining this organization. It is FREE and in return you will have access to things like free or reduced building analytics and EV charging stations.  In return what they ask for is information about your buildings energy consumption.

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  1. This is an admirable venture, although I doubt many of the yuppies in those high-end, boutique condos and apartments are the least-bit interested in being green. Maybe the owners and managers might be.
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