Did that grab your attention?  Sound too good to be true?  Well, …it is. Hopefully you haven’t fallen for one of those “free cruise” telemarketing scam s.  However, here is something that IS free and is not a scam:  Community / Neighborhood Grants.  Various cities and organizations offer grants and other incentives for both building and preserving our communities and neighborhood connections. Your association may be eligible for one, so why don’t you see if you qualify?

For example, the City of Longmont offers a “Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program” that provides grants to qualified neighborhood organizations as an incentive to take on projects that will improve the neighborhood and community at large.

The City of Arvada offers “Know Your Neighbors Grants”, which are designed to improve neighborhood relations/communication, and “Neighborhood Improvement Grants”,  which are intended for more substantial projects and may include physical improvements.

Here are some additional resources for community-building grants.  We hope you take advantage of these and other available grants!
City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Grant
City of Boulder Neighborhood Sustainability Programs
City of Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods Resources
City of Colorado Springs Capital Improvement Program
City of Aurora Neighborhood HOA Support Programs

Melissa M. Garcia
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