The Heated Meeting
I attended a heated board meeting the other night.  A majority of the allotted time was spent listening to a few of the board members exchange venomous versions of past history.  I guess a certain amount if yelling and name-calling can be “therapeutic”.  But it was clear by the end of the meeting that the bulk of the exchange was a waste of time.

Set Goals and Envision the Future
Yelling is no way to lead.  The elected members of an association’s board of directors are trusted with duty to lead the association through some tough issues.  Setting goals and creating a vision of a better community is the most important first step of a director’s leadership role.  Next is a civil discussion of the steps it will take to make that vision a reality.

Helpful Links
Here are some interesting tips from the world of the Marine Corps as it relates to businesses leadership.

For more information on effective association governance, see a bevy of articles from the attorneys at Altitude Community Law.

And always remember what the great leader Thomas Jefferson said: “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

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