The 2012 wildfire season was one of the worst on record, leaving the people at the American Red Cross busy devising new and innovative ways to get information to people faster.  As a response to the growing use of technology, they have created the “Wildfire App.”

The free app allows people to have instant access to lifesaving information.  The app features:

  • Blaze Warning which provides information on which areas are currently affected by wildfires and which ones are favorable for potential fires;
  • Customized Blaze Alerts  which will inform users when a wildfire has begun within 100 miles of their specified locations
  • Blaze Path which provides a current view of an existing wildfire’s perimeter.
  • Disaster checklist
  • Locations of the nearest Red Cross shelters.

Associations that are located in a region that is susceptible to fires should take preventative measures with planning and should also adopt a wildfire plan.  The disaster plan should include items such as clear evacuation routes, information on defensible space within and surrounding the community, as well as detailed information on insurance policies.  If you have questions about your disaster plan or would like to draft a policy contact one of our attorneys today.

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