Over the last year, lots of industry professionals were wondering what would happen with manager licensing and whether it would actually sunset on June 30, 2019. Many predicted new legislation would be introduced in 2019 extending the CAM program, with perhaps a few tweaks.

For those of you who predicted new legislation, you were correct. House Bill 1212 (HB-1212) was just introduced and seeks to “recreate” the CAM licensing program and extend it through September 1, 2024.

For the most part, HB-1212 mimics the current statutory provisions with respect to manager licensing; however, it does propose some key changes/clarifications to the program, which include the following:
• Creation of an advisory committee to DORA, which will be comprised of seven individuals: three CAMs, two homeowners, one CPA, and one attorney. The purpose of this committee is to advise DORA with respect to issues such as disciplinary actions and adoption of rules. This committee will have no supervisory authority over DORA;
• Clarification and minimization of circumstances that require direct supervision of apprentices;
• Authorizing DORA to adopt rules governing and further defining supervision of apprentices;
• Removal of automatic acceptance of CAI (and other) credentials as qualification for licensure and moving the determination of qualifications to DORA to specify such acceptable credentials through rules; and
• Clarification of functions that may be performed by unlicensed individuals.

Most likely we will see revisions to HB-1212 as it moves through the legislative process so stay tuned for updates as they develop!!

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