Bedbugs seem to be infesting more and more communities, and these infestations are not limited to Colorado.  In fact, New York is experiencing such a huge bedbug problem, the New York City Council rolled out its own website on bedbugs, hoping to educate New York residents on this issue.  Would creation of an official bedbug website in Colorado help Colorado communities?    Maybe, but perhaps the bigger question is whether associations will end up eating the costs of bedbug extermination? If you’re trying to prove that a particular resident was responsible for a bedbug infestation, keep in mind it is extremely difficult to determine where bedbugs originated since they tend to hide in small places and can live up to one year without eating or being detected.  Even exterminators will typically tell you that cannot be sure where a bedbug infestation originated.  Given this information, how can an association charge back the cost of bedbug extermination to the guilty party?

Elina B. Gilbert
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