You’ve probably all heard about the latest scam…but in case you haven’t, a company called the Corporate Controllers Unit has mailed over 500,000 official looking notices to registered corporations in Colorado.  The notices look like a bill from the Colorado Secretary of State for $225.00 for corporate registrations. IT IS NOT FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE and IS NOT A LEGITIMATE OR NECESSARY SERVICE.  The notice is an attempt to scam corporations into paying a fee so that the Corporate Controllers Unit will ensure that the periodic report will the filed with the Secretary of State. Over the last few days, 9News has done a story on this, as has the Denver Post. The Colorado Attorney General is requesting that anyone who receives the notice file a report directly with the Attorney General’s office to file a report.

We expect to see additional “scams” like this one as the Secretary of State moves away from the postcard notifications for periodic reports are phased out.  So be diligent and don’t just blindly pay invoices that seem unusual.

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