The prospects for the passage of SB 15-177, the much debated Construction Defect Reform Bill, seem to have taken a hit this week when it was introduced into the House for consideration.  Unlike in the Senate where the bill was introduced into the Committee on Business Labor and Technology, upon introduction into the House, it was assigned into the House Committee on State, Veterans and Military affairs, which has been dubbed the “kill” committee.  As this is a critical stage in the life of this bill, we encourage you to reach out to the committee members and encourage them to kill this bill.  The contact information for this committee is:

Su Ryden-Chair (D-Aurora)                       303-866-2942         [email protected]

Joe Salazar-Vice-Chair (D-Thornton)        303-866-2918         [email protected]

Mike Foote (D-Lafayette)                        303-866-2920         [email protected]

Steve Humphrey (R-Weld)                       303-866-2943         [email protected]

Susan Lontine (D-Denver)                        303-866-2966         [email protected]

Patrick Neville (R-Douglas)                      303-866-2948         [email protected]

Dianne Primavera (D-Broomfield)            303-866-4667         [email protected]

Jack Tate (R-Centennial)                        303-866-5510         [email protected]

Dan Thurlow (R-Mesa)                             303-866-3068         [email protected]

Max Tyler (D-Lakewood)                         303-866-2951         [email protected]

Yeulin Willett (R-Grand Junction)           303-866-2583         [email protected]

Stay tuned to see if the Kill Committee can put another notch in its belt by killing this bill or if it somehow survives and makes it to the full House.  Stay tuned and keep track of this and other Community Association bills HERE.

David A. Firmin, Esq.
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