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Your board wants to go on a property and correct a covenant violation themselves.  Can you?  Even if you have legal authorization, should you?  Read on for the risks and rewards of using authorization to go onto someone else’s property to resolve a covenant violation. First and foremost you must review the governing documents forGo to Resource

Holiday Decorating: A Time to Build Community Spirit – Not Stomp on It

It’s already early October, which means that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Years are fast approaching.  With some of these holidays comes a real desire by residents in community associations to celebrate by decorating their homes. Holiday decorating can be a great way to build community spirit in associations or can be aGo to Resource
What makes a rule enforceable? An enforceable rule meets the requirements of the law and governing documents. What makes an enforceable rule a good rule? A good rule meets the needs and requirements of the community. When writing rules, boards should make sure the rules are both enforceable and “good”. In general, courts recognize theGo to Resource

Harsh New Time Limits on Construction Defect Claims

A recent Colorado Supreme Court decision, Smith v. Executive Custom Homes, Inc., 230 P.3d 1186 (Colo. 2010), considerably shortens the time limit for bringing many construction defect lawsuits.  Homeowners and homeowner associations risk losing the right to seek reimbursement from builders, developers and other construction professionals unless they carefully and quickly act upon discovery ofGo to Resource
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