I’m Having an Out of Money Experience

Having difficulty staving off the rising tide of delinquencies?  And are the circumstances that have put your association in this position outside of your control?  You can’t control the economy or extinguish the existence of foreclosures and bankruptcies in your community, but you can control how you respond to these and other scenarios that tendGo to Resource

Question: What Can We Do with Bank Owned Properties?

Question: What can we do with bank owned properties? Answer: Bank owned properties are becoming more and more common in community associations because the rate of foreclosures is not declining and the real estate market is not moving homes quickly. Unfortunately, many of these homes are often vacant for long periods, may have yards fullGo to Resource

Bankruptcy Overview

Bankruptcy is a means by which a person seeks relief from debt. The bankruptcy laws come from a long tradition of allowing people debt forgiveness and,in certain circumstances, freedom from debt. The bankruptcy laws are federal and are found primarily in Title 11, Chapters 7 and 13 of the United States Code. A bankruptcy doesGo to Resource

Bankruptcy FAQs

Q: What do I do if I receive a Notice of Bankruptcy Filing? A: You should inform your collections attorney immediately if you receive notification that a homeowner has filed bankruptcy.  If we have an active collections file against the homeowner, we are required to suspend further collections efforts against the homeowner while the bankruptcyGo to Resource
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