What in the World is a “Stip?”

“Stip” is common slang for “Stipulation.”  A “Stipulation” is a legal term that generally identifies a written document that sets forth the agreed upon terms and conditions of a settlement between two parties to a lawsuit.  In the realm of community association collection actions, that generally means a settlement between the delinquent owner and theGo to Resource

Usury and Unpaid Assessments

Generally, usury laws should not apply to homeowners association late fees.  However, some courts have not agreed.  Usury laws apply only to loans and homeowners association assessments are not considered loans.  However, homeowners and/or their attorneys occasionally attempt to argue that an association’s interest and late fees are usurious.  In order to fully protect anGo to Resource

Three Ways to Gain Control Over Delinquencies in This (Still) Tough Economy

Earlier this year, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (an affiliate of the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce) presented the 2010 Economic Forecast for Metro Denver, and it was not all bad news! Briefly stated, the EDC suggested that Metro Denver has the necessary fundamentals to bounce back from this economic recession. For example, DenverGo to Resource

YouTwitFace – Social Media and How it Relates to Your Homeowners Association

What do you get when you put “YouTube,” “Twitter,” and “Facebook” together? YouTwitFace. That may be a running joke in my household, but six or seven years ago uttering the phrase “friend me” or “follow me” would likely produce a bunch of blank stares.  Now, friend requests on Facebook and follow me requests on TwitterGo to Resource

WHOOPS!- Slips and Falls (Why Homeowners Or Other People Sue)

Associations have legal responsibilities under the governing documents and through common law to take reasonable steps to exercise reasonable care to protect against dangers of which the Association actually knew or should have known. There are several common sense risk management strategies associations can take to minimize the chance of a personal injury claim byGo to Resource
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