In 1988, two young attorneys joined together and created what was quite novel at the time: a single stop shop for all homeowners association needs.  They realized that for community association law to truly excel, principles of management and best practices would need to be established, adhered to and taught.

At that point, the firm’s core beliefs included providing education, not only to community association managers, but also board members, owners and legislatures.  Today, as we enter our third decade of practice, the original core values of education, encouraging best practices, and proactive management of the community still ring true.  As with the founding pioneers of our business, this firm will turn its eyes to the future to continue to elevate the principles of an evolving community association industry.

As communities mature, the interests and expectations of associations are becoming divergent and more challenging in order to meet everyone’s needs.  Who would have thought, within the span of 15 short years, the effect that satellite dishes, cell towers, web applications (which redefine the definition of home), and of course, the changing definition of “Rocky Mountain High”, would have on associations.   Moving forward, communities will continue to be tested by unexpected issues.  Communities created both before and after the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act will need to face the ever-shifting challenges of changing ownership demographics, the ever-increasing demands for new technologies, and the ever-expanding multi-generational ways of conducting business.

We embrace these changes and face the challenges with a brand new name and attitude.

Altitude Community Law is relaunching as Altitude Community Law.

Altitude Community Law will continue to be not only your association partner in addressing all your legal challenges, but your single source for up-to-date information on trends in the industry, not only locally, but across the nation.  Together, we seek to elevate association law and the communities we serve.

We here at Altitude Community Law are excited to see what we can accomplish, collectively and collaboratively, to bring your communities to new heights.  In deference to the immortal words of the great Joe Walsh, by practicing the “Rocky Mountain Way”, we can create the greatest communities in the country.

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