Elements of Enforceable Rules

Thomas Jefferson said, “We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.” His comments are as applicable to associations as they were to the young Americas. As a community association ages, its needsGo to Resource

Options in Enforcing Covenants

One of the most commonly asked questions by board members is “what do we do when a homeowner violates our covenants?”  As a preliminary matter, the association should have a policy in place that addresses the enforcement of covenants and rules, including notice and hearing procedures and the schedule of fines.  That being said, thereGo to Resource

Because I Said So, That’s Why!

For those of you who have served, or currently serve on a board of directors or an architectural review committee, have you ever felt like the evil parent telling your child “no”? No matter how you put it, the child continues to argue that he/she should be able to carry out the “forbidden” activity, untilGo to Resource

It’s a Griswold’s Kind of Christmas

We’ve all heard the horror stories of over the top holiday decorations, TLC has gone so far to do a show aptly names “Invasion of the Christmas Lights”.  We’ve all watched the glorious moment when Clark Griswold dramatically plugs in his Christmas lights only to find out there’s a problem, but eventually with a flipGo to Resource

Difficult People: How Do You Deal with Them?

How do we as humans deal with people who yell and scream at us or refuse to be rational? You know the type, adversarial, manipulative, inflexible, unreasonable, irrational. For most people, the answer is “We don’t”. If given the choice, most of us choose not to work with people like this. We don’t socialize withGo to Resource
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