It’s a Griswold’s Kind of Christmas

We’ve all heard the horror stories of over the top holiday decorations, TLC has gone so far to do a show aptly names “Invasion of the Christmas Lights”.  We’ve all watched the glorious moment when Clark Griswold dramatically plugs in his Christmas lights only to find out there’s a problem, but eventually with a flipGo to Resource

Election Season–Bring Out Your Political Signs

The City of Fort Collins recently issued a press release reminding residents where campaign signs can and cannot be placed pursuant to City rules.  Specifically, City rules prohibit campaign signs from being placed in any public right-of-way or on property owned by the City, including parks, natural areas, property around City buildings, utility and trafficGo to Resource

Difficult People: How Do You Deal with Them?

How do we as humans deal with people who yell and scream at us or refuse to be rational? You know the type, adversarial, manipulative, inflexible, unreasonable, irrational. For most people, the answer is “We don’t”. If given the choice, most of us choose not to work with people like this. We don’t socialize withGo to Resource

Got Chickens?

The town board for the Town of Windsor recently directed its staff to prepare an update to the town ordinance allowing backyard chickens.  The update is intended to remove the sunset clause in the ordinance which eliminates the need for the town board to review the ordinance on an annual basis.  Other Front Range municipalitiesGo to Resource
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