The protection and management of an association’s reputation isn’t something board members often consider.  But, it’s actually a valuable resource that should be preserved and enhanced.  A strong reputation can make it easier to raise assessments, recruit volunteers and increase property values – all things most associations desire.  As stewards of association assets, board members should take these 10 steps into account to preserve the associations’ reputation:

  1. Define and know the fundamental characteristics of the community.
  2. Identify the stakeholders in association operations.
  3. Determine how these stakeholders see the association.  Is it consistent with your fundamental characteristics?
  4. Use stakeholder feedback to analyze strengths and weakness of your reputation. Focus on one strength and one weakness.
  5. Identify “moments of truth” where stakeholders form opinions.
  6. Communicate more effectively.
  7. Collect stories or facts that make your message concrete and bring your characteristics to life.
  8. Use multiple methods of communication.
  9. Map out timing, resources and responsibilities.
  10. Evaluate your reputation regularly.
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