We’ve all heard the horror stories of over the top holiday decorations.  TLC has gone so far to do a show aptly names “Invasion of the Christmas Lights”.  We’ve all watched the glorious moment when Clark Griswold dramatically plugs in his Christmas lights only to find out there’s a problem, but eventually with a flip of a switch, lights up his whole house (and neighborhood).  We even blogged on one particular house that had a synchronized light show.  For many, holiday decorations are an obsession, with homeowners trying their hardest to out-do their previous years displays.  Nobody wants to be the Grinch during holidays but with some forethought and properly written guidelines, associations can avoid ruining Christmas for all.

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we’d share some of our favorite, over the top holiday decorations.  Do you have any houses that resemble these in your associations?  If so we’d love to see!


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