Last week, HB 15-1259 was introduced to the House of Representatives and referred to the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources.  The Bill, as drafted, will protect personal rain barrel collection systems and establish the following guidelines:

•    Use up to two rain barrels having a total combined storage capacity of not more than 100 gallons to collect precipitation.
•    May only be used in communities with detached homes or row homes.  Owners in stacked condominiums would not be permitted to use the rain barrels.
•    Collected rain must be used for irrigation or other non-potable uses exclusively on the property it was collected from.
•    Precipitation must be collected from residential roofs.

This bill will amend 38-33.3-106.5 of the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act to add rain barrels to the list of items protected by state law along with the American flag, political signs, renewable energy generation device and drought prevention measures.

Using rainwater collection systems is easy and is reportedly very good water for lawn and gardens, and could assist in the reduction of water costs to irrigate the owners’ lawn or garden.  And, the barrels should be easily hidden.  As a general statement, I am pro rain barrel.  Happy gardening and, as always, stay on top of community association legislation in our 2015 Legislative Tracking Chart!

David A. Firmin, Esq.
One response to “House Seeks To Protect Rain Barrels
  1. Seems kind of silly that we have laws dictating what happens to water that falls from the sky. Only in America! But, if we collect rainwater, won’t we deprive Californians of their water? Whatever. But really, if someone were to collect rainwater or divert it, who would catch him? I always wondered how such a law could be enforced, especially if the downspout were in the back yard. But someone in California might blow the whistle and say “Hey, were down 6 gal. from this day last year. Someone upstream must be stealing our water.”
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