As reported in today’s Side Streets blog post, Aaron Acker has resigned.  Mr. Acker ran the HOA Information & Resource Center, which was created under HB 1278 to provide information on the rights and duties of unit owners, developers and associations under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.  The Center is housed within the Colorado Division of Real Estate, which is under the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

Among other things, the Center was created to compile statistical information related to community associations, and was to serve as a clearing house for HOA-related complaints.  Mr. Acker fielded these complaint calls throughout 2011, and issued his first report in Januaruy 2012.  The report showed a variety of complaints related to specific categories, including requests for records, failure to follow governing documents and allegations of harassment and retaliation against owners by boards and managers. A couple of months later, DORA published its official Sunrise Review of proposed manager licensing requirements, with the general conclusion that the HOA industry would be better served by regulation of management companies.

In one of his earliest speaking engagements, Mr. Acker explained that the Center is “strictly an information-gathering agency and resource center for homeowners and associations.”  He was clear to remind people that his office is not a regulatory body and did not mediate disputes. Acker told his audience “I’m encouraging homeowners to become active in their associations and talk with their associations.”

And now, he’s resigned. Why? Side Street blogger Bill Vogrin guesses that the reason Mr. Acker resigned was due to frustration. “I’m guessing Acker was frustrated. Rather than spend another year answering the phone, he bailed for a law firm where he will practice, you guessed it, HOA law.”

We will keep you posted on any developments and what impact, if any, Mr. Acker’s resignation will have on the role of the HOA Information Officer.

Melissa M. Garcia
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