In an unfortunate but not unexpected move, Governor Polis signed HB22-1137 at 4:31 P.M. on June 3, 2022. Having an effective date of August 9, 2022, among other things the new law will require associations to post delinquency notices on doors while keeping owner collection accounts secret, translate owner notices if requested, and will likely result in associations suing owners more, not less, if compliance is not obtained, given the now very limited fining structure. 

More clarification on the impact of HB22-1137 can be found in our latest newsletter article. However, as an immediate recommendation, we urge you to update your Collections, Enforcement, and Conduct of Meetings policies at your earliest convenience, so you can be prepared for the effective August 9th date. 

It’s unfortunate that the Powers that Be felt this was a good idea.  

Please contact any of our Altitude attorneys at [email protected] or 303-432-9999 if you have any questions on HB22-1137 or need assistance in updating any of the recommended policies.

3 responses to “HB22-1137: He Signed You BILL, Now you’re a LAW.
  1. So the Community Mangers are going to post the notices on Homeowner’s doors and risk getting Shot?

  2. The intention of HB22-1137 is that a notice must be posted on a door prior to the association turning over a Homeowner’s delinquent account to a collection agency or referring it to an attorney for legal action.

    That does not mean, as posted in David Firmin’s article, “the new law will require associations to post delinquency notices on doors.” The article seems to infer that ALL delinquency notices be posted on doors.

  3. the association I work for has about 3600 lots, of which around 900 are undeveloped vacant lots. We also have a small percentage of sovereign citizens that may be willing to take a shot at someone whose authority they don’t acknowledge. We bill assessments annually, but will now be required to send monthly account statements even though no new charges are being added beyond the initial late charge. This bill has no carve outs for associations likke ours. Massive burden is being placed on our employees and a financial burden will befall our members for the increased postage expenses. Massive overreach.

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