On Friday, July 2, 2021, Governor Polis signed into law HB 21-1229, the Unit Owners Protection Bill, and HB 21-1310, the Freedom of Speech Bill.

HB 21-1229 and HB 21-1310 will become effective in September unless referred to the people for a vote.  See our prior Legislative Wrap-up blog post for a brief summary of both bills.

Moving forward, associations should update their rules regarding the installation of solar panels, artificial non-turf grasses in the rear yards of homes, signs, and flags within the community. 

Associations are also now required to disclose all unique fees charged to buy a home in the community, requiring an update to their annual disclosure documents and inspection of records policies. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the attorneys with Altitude Community Law at [email protected] or 303-432-9999, to help you work through these new statutory changes.

2 responses to “Governor Signs HOA Bills
  1. HB 21-1310, the Freedom of Speech Bill
    More like freedom to know too much about your neighbor and freedom to have it smacked in your face when you open your front door.
    Bad form, Gov.

    1. Ms. Nozick’s comments on HB 21-1310 are most assuredly shared by a vast number of Coloradoan’s. In fact, one could argue it never was opened for public discussion therefore more limiting a citizens freedom of speech. In addition, HB 21-1229 hints of certain elected officials potential conflicts of interest.

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