At the CAI Spring Showcase yesterday, Derek Daly, a former Formula One driver, spoke about how business continues to move faster and faster every year. 200 mph doesn’t even qualify you for the Indy 500 any longer.  Going fast in community associations isn’t the same as being fast. To be fast in today’s world we need to have the right people on our team. Do the people on your association’s team have these skills?
*Preparation – preparation occurs before the race, before the meeting and before the lawsuit.
*Innovative and Creative – 3 teams have won more racing championships in the 64 years than all the other teams together because they have not continued to do things the same way. Our team members must create new ways that have never been used before to operate our communities, or our communities will be left behind.
*Teamwork – Does your management team, attorney, landscaper, board, etc. meet regularly together and discuss your community’s goals and how to solve problems?
Mr.  Daly suggested 5 factors of fast for associations:

    1. An association becomes fast when enough people in it become fast;
    1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable;
    1. A TO DO list is good but a STOP list might be better;
    1. Make sure you are doing the the right things as opposed to doing things right;
  1. You don’t decide your future. You decide your habits and your habits decide your future.

What will you choose to help you be faster?

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