Build Out Issues Checklist

Attorney Fees Pay attorney fees to negotiate and complete any annexation agreements    Amendment to Declaration/Bylaws/Articles Pay all costs including attorney fees associated with governing documents  Landscaping Issues Common Areas; complete within ____ days of annexation Provide as built drawings – lines, rotors, controllers and clocks, and right to reject Walk through before turning overGo to Resource

2011 CCIOA Budget Ratification Checklist

As 2011 nears, many boards and managers find themselves in the midst of budget season. If your community was created after July 1, 1992, it is subject to the budget process laid out in CCIOA. Although this process sets forth lots of requirements, it also creates latitude for associations whose documents set forth more stringentGo to Resource

6 Ways to Silence the Barking Dog

Summer night breezes, a cool walk in the park and a barking dog…These are the ingredients for a great evening.  If dog barking has become a problem in your community, here are six easy solutions to silence the barking. Personal contact.  If the board is comfortable approaching the owner, many times a simple, “hello, byGo to Resource
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