Sample Board Policies and Procedures (Book of Governance)

This publication is an accumulation of the Association’s policies. We intend that it is a statement of purposes, policies, values, perspectives and relationships. Because of its nature this is intended to be a “work in progress.” “Work in progress” in the respect that it will continue to grow and to be modified as better informationGo to Resource

An Introduction to Community Association Living

The purpose of An Introduction to Community Association Living is to introduce homeowners to community associations, provide a greater understanding of exactly how a community association works from both an organizational and people standpoint, and to endow home-owners with the information necessary for fully enjoying and benefiting from community association living.

Best Practices Report #7 Transition (Published by Community Association Institute Research Foundation)

Since the early 1970s, community associations—condominium associations, cooperatives, and homeowner associations—in the United States have experienced exponential growth. It is anticipated that this growth will continue for the foreseeable future for generally the same reasons as in the past—that is a combination of regulatory pressures as well as the need for a housing alternative thatGo to Resource

Best Practices #6 Energy Efficiency (Published by Community Association Institute Research Foundation)

As of 2002, there are 240,000 community associations–condominium associations, cooperatives, and homeowners associations–in the United States, representing nearly 20 million homes and 45 million people. Currently, the average U.S. family spends nearly $1,300 a year on energy bills, with much of that energy being wasted due to air leaks, inefficient appliances and a general lackGo to Resource

Best Practices #5 Community Harmony (Published by Community Association Institute Research Foundation)

Community Harmony & Spirit According to Foundation for Community Association Research’s National Survey of Community Association Homeowner Satisfaction, the average community association resident volunteers twice a year for community-sponsored events. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said that they participate in each of the following community-wide events: parties, holiday celebrations, neighborhood watch programs, and community holidayGo to Resource
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