I Hear the Cans A Comin’ They’re Coming Round the Bend!

We, at Altitude Community Law, are so very proud to announce this year’s 5th Annual Community Can-Can!  Come join us on Friday, September 12th, for an afternoon of food, fun, and frivolity as we gather together for a CANtastic competition! Uttering the phrase “Community Can-Can” always sparks something deep inside me that grows increasingly andGo to Resource

Medical Marijuana: Do We Have To Allow It?

Eighteen states have now legalized the use of medical marijuana, and two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  This has raised myriad issues for community associations, including how to limit or prohibit the use of medical and/or recreational marijuana, primarily in attached home communities, such as townhome and condominiums. SomeGo to Resource

Clearing the Air on Questions Related to Radon Mitigation

Question: A condominium unit tests high for radon. The radon report shows that the radon has entered into the unit through the concrete floor; therefore, the owner asks the association to mitigate it. Is the association responsible for mitigating radon found in the unit? Answer: Typically, the association would not be responsible for mitigating radonGo to Resource
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