SB11-269 known as the Electronic Recycling Jobs Act was approved by the Colorado legislature during the 2012 session.  The Act is intended to create new jobs in the recycling industry but may also create new fees and opportunities for Colorado communities.  The new law requires that companies who process more than 100 eligible electronic devices for recycling, reuse or resale to be registered and certified.  Eligible electronics go beyond just cellphones which have become virtually disposable in today’s world, and includes computers, printers, DVD players, VCRs, monitors, TVs, tablets, notebook computers, anything with a flat screen in excess of 4 inches.  There are certain excluded items but most apply to industrial or commercial settings.

So why should your association care?  First, you may find that your current waste removal companies become more and more stringent on banning disposal of electronic devices by owners and that these same companies offer programs to communities to facilitate the collection of electronic devices for fees.  What is important is for your boards to become educated about the options and the costs associated with the responsible disposal of electronics to reduce waste, protect groundwater and recovering valuable resources.

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