On May 20, 2021, we posted a blog with various Q and A’s addressing the status of state requirements concerning the operation, cleaning, and sanitizing of swimming pools.   One of the Q and A items in that publication read as follows:

Q:         Do we have to keep cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces at the pool?

A:         While it is unclear whether the State’s hourly cleaning and disinfecting requirements are still in effect and to what extent, any such requirements are set to expire June 1, 2021, unless extended by the Governor.  However, the safest option is to still continue cleaning and sanitizing the pool areas until May 31, 2021. The State’s recreation guidelines encourage such activity, as well as referring to the CDC for more guidance on COVID-19 pool safety.

Now that we are past the June 1st deadline, many are wondering whether the Governor extended the cleaning and sanitation requirements.  The short answer is no—Colorado no longer has any pool cleaning and/or sanitation requirements at the state level. 

However, it is possible that such requirements exist at the county level, so don’t forget to check with your specific county to see if any such requirements are in place.

Please contact an Altitude attorney, at 303.432.9999 or at [email protected] with questions about pool openings.

One response to “Do We Still Have State Requirements for Pools?
  1. I totally do not understand why pool restrictions and requirements were ever a thing during the pandemic. I think this was all bogus. You can’t get the virus in a swimming pool or around a swimming pool due to the amount of chlorine in the air and the virus is an air transmitted virus from person to person. It is not gotten from surfaces. It’s one of those situations where the state totally overreacted in this regard. (Along the lines of the restrictions for veterinarians. Sitting in your car and handing your fur baby over to a stranger in a parking lot?? What the hell is that?) Well that’s the same thing I felt about pool regulations. And pool areas should have been kept thoroughly clean along with the cabanas and restrooms all along even before the pandemic and should continue to be so now. Now I’m going to give an opinion and that is that our overreaction to this pandemic made it a lot harder on the people than it needed to be. Common sense should have been the order of the day and it wasn’t. Of course we only have to look at who was in charge at the time to know why this is.

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