As HB 21-1229 continues to work its way through the process, I find myself humming the tune of I’m Just a Bill from the wonderful School House Rock series.  As HB 21-1229 continues to work its way through the legislative process, it has been subject to substantial revisions.  It finally, however, made its way out of committee yesterday and on to the committee of the whole.  As amended, the bill is limited to the following:

  • The protection of artificial turf in back yards;
  • The setting standards for solar panels, in that increasing cost by more than 10% or reducing efficiency by 10% will be considered unreasonable;
  • The removal of political sign language from HB 21-1229 in order to make sure there were no conflicts in signage restrictions, allowing HB 21-1310, which addresses signs, to be the bill to address political signs.
  • The disclosure of fees charged to sell a home in a Common Interest Community; and
  • The presumption of damages in the amount of $50.00 per day for failing to comply after receiving a written request sent by certified mail, return receipt requested.  The damages are capped at a total of $500.00 per request.
  • This bill does not address mandatory mediation for disputes with the Association.

The House wasted no time approving HB 21-1229, hearing and voting on it this morning (May 26, 2021) by a 40 to 25 vote, and referring it to the Senate for consideration. Stay tuned on our Legislative Tracker as HB 21-1229 and HB 21-1310 continue to work their way through the process and may someday be able to become a Law.

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