In a release by the Community Association Institute, it is reported that Colorado has approximately 9,000 community associations or 2.8% of all associations in the United States.  Based upon these figures it can be extrapolated that the associations within our state account for:
*46,900 board members
*16,548 committee members
*2,136,400 hours of service performed by board and committee members which equates to $47 million dollars of volunteer time based on Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate of $22.14 per hour of volunteer time.
Thank you to everyone that volunteers in a community association!
The report also affirmed what the last four national surveys conducted by CAI have told us:

    • 90% of all owners are satisfied with their associations (64% positive and 27% neutral);
    • 90% of all owners are happy with their community association board members;
    • 83% of the residents in associations say that the association manager provides value and support to the community as a whole;
  • 70% of the owners say the rules in their community protect and enhance property values.

These numbers are certainly reflective of the hard work that community board members, volunteers and managers put in to making each and every community successful.  Keep it up!

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