There are numerous bills that are pending this legislative session which affect community associations. I’ll go into just a few in this blog update: To stay up to date on daily/weekly changes to the proposed bill, bookmark our 2024 Legislative Tracker! If you have any questions about any of these bills, please contactGo to Resource
Among the proposed legislation for 2024 includes two dueling bills, HB24-1152 and SB24-154 which focus on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). An ADU is a secondary dwelling unit with a complete independent living space for one or more persons. ADUs are limited to two (2) bedrooms, a kitchen, sleeping area, and full bathroom facilities.Go to Resource
In 2018, HB 18-1128 was passed to strengthen protections for consumer data privacy, which required any entity maintaining personal identifying information (“PII”) to adopt a written policy setting forth a process for the security and destruction of paper and electronic documents containing personal identifying information. Personal identifying information includes, but is not limitedGo to Resource
Introduced January 31, 2024 by Representative Naquetta Ricks, the proposed bill, HB24-1158, would severely hamper an HOA’s efforts to foreclose for unpaid assessments.  The bill proposes that prior to turning over a delinquent account to collections or to an attorney for legal action, an HOA must send a notice to the owner thatGo to Resource
More HOA legislation is here! Five new bills have been released so far this January, including HB24-1078, also known as the Community Manager Regulation Bill. Below is an introduction to each of the remaining four bills released this month (so far). SB24-005 – Prohibit Landscaping Practices for Water Conservation  – Here is aGo to Resource
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