As a result of the hard work of many management company CEOs, the proposed Permanent Rule D10 to the Community Association Manager Licensing Rules has been substantially revised to make it realistic for managers and management companies to satisfy the crime fidelity insurance requirements.  The rule allows managers or management companies to either obtain crimeGo to Article

I took the opportunity to attend the regularly scheduled HOA Information Resource Officers education session on Wednesday. I was impressed with the amount of information being distributed by the HOA Office. The HOA Office provides a vast amount of information through their web site, as well as through the educational offerings. This week’s educational session includedGo to Article

Have you ever wondered or been posed with the question of “what gives the board authority to adopt rules when the governing documents don’t specifically authorize this?”  The answer is Section 302(1)(a) of CCIOA. In fact, Section 302(1) of CCIOA sets forth a plethora of powers associations may utilize even when their governing documents doGo to Article