The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently issued guidance standards for employers who utilize criminal background investigations. The primary guidance is making sure your use facilitates fair and consistent evaluation of all applicants. If you use a job application or you inquire about an applicant’s criminal conviction history, you may be required to proveGo to Resource
Colorado businesses continue to hire.  The Denver Post recently reported that, according to a revised economic forecast, Colorado may add up to 35,000 new jobs this year, which could drive Colorado’s employment rate lower than the national average.  If your business is joining this trend and plans to hire new employees this year,Go to Resource
The Colorado Court of Appeals recently considered the issue of whether a company’s independent contractor qualified as a “covered employee” for unemployment tax liability purposes.  In Softrock Geological Services, Inc. v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office the court considered whether an individual who provided oil and gas well site services to a geological servicesGo to Resource
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