Yesterday, CAI sent an email which provided a summary of HB1134.  In the email, the Legislative Action Committee indicated that it was:

  1. Supportive of the educational provisions, since they are consistent with the intent of the original bill which was signed into law in 2010.  The educational provisions referred to are the expanded scope of the HOA Information and Resource Center to coordinate and assist in the preparation of educational and reference materials for owners, board members and association managers related to understanding their rights and responsibilities; monitor changes to federal and state laws relating to associations; and provide FAQs on the Division of Real Estate’s website.
  2. Extremely concerned about the breadth of the mandatory authority of the Information Officer, the ability of a small number of owners to petition the Information Officer to act as an election monitor and the costs associated with this provision that would have to be covered by significantly increasing the annual registration fee for HOAs.
  3. Extremely concerned that given the scope of this bill, the costs associated with the annual registration fee for HOAs would significantly increase. In addition, CLAC is carefully examining potential inequities relating to the fees based upon the size of HOAs

We encourage you to contact the members of the CLAC to let them know your opinions on this bill so they can represent your point of view!

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