HB 14-1125, which attempts to cure the Colorado Legislative Action Committee oversight contained originally in HB 13-1237, which had the effect of prohibiting an association from disclosing owners’ email addresses, even if the Owner opted in.  As introduced into the House by Representatives Mitsch Bush, HB 14-1125 carves out an exception to the disclosure requirement for those owners that give consent to the distribution of their email address and phone number. In order to do so, the Association must obtain the prior written consent of the owner, which consent may be revoked at any time.  However, if the owner revokes consent, the association is not obligated to retrieve previously sent emails or distribution lists.

The consent must be maintained as a record of the Association.  As this bill was just introduced on January 15, 2014, there is no identified sponsor in the Senate.  Given the large number of comments, questions and concerns regarding this issue, this bill should pass without difficulty.

David A. Firmin
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  1. We are happy to learn about this new bill so that HOAs can continue to serve members with community-sharing information.
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