How involved should an association be when the residents in the community start to age and pose possible safety risks to others in the community?  As the attached article indicates, an association could be taking on liability by undertaking certain activities to assist elderly residents.  However, associations do owe a duty to provide a certain level of safety in the community.  Often, the first step an association should take if an elderly resident poses a danger to others in the community is to gently communicate with the resident about the problem.  If that does not foster any change, the next step is typically to contact the resident’s family members, if known, and try to enlist their assistance.  If neither of these steps is successful, the association may have to consider involving social services or seeking the appointment of a guardian for the elderly resident.  Some will question, however, whether such actions are really a proper function of the association.  Or should the association stay focused on maintaining the common elements and other such activities and let the families of the individuals take care of other such needs?

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