Did you know that today is National Love Your Pet Day? And, while you may want to give your pet an extra cuddle and treat, we wanted to remind you of that piece of pet legislation that did not pass last year; the one about dog bans. As a refresher, HB18-1126 would have taken away an association’s right to adopt a covenant or rule that banned certain types of dogs based solely on breed, size, or weight.

Whether you found yourself in the “for” or “against” camp, the bill created quite a stir amongst Coloradans and their loveable (and occasionally not as loveable) canines. Advocates of the bill relied on a variety of factors, anywhere from Colorado’s influx of canine-cherishing residents to the oft embraced ideology of “ban the owner, not the dog”.

Those against the bill expressed concern that it limited the ability of the association’s residents to make decisions about their neighborhood. Others expressed concern over larger, aggressive dogs potentially residing in their ‘hood’.

As of today, the debate continues even though the bill was killed by a vote of 34 to 29. Associations can continue to restrict those dandy dogs by regulating breed, size and weight. (Word has it, those frisky felines are pretty darn happy about it!)

That being said, keep in mind that while associations might still be able to ban certain dogs based solely on breed, size and weight, amending the covenants to do so still requires homeowner approval. And, if you’re thinking of simply adopting a rule that bans certain dog breeds, depending on the language contained in (or missing from) your covenants, the board might not have authority to do so. Make sure to contact your attorney before you try to ban any dogs based on breed, size or weight.

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