As we continue up and down this rollercoaster ride called COVID-19, the biggest question on the table right now for community associations is what about pools? Can we open them, and if so, under what conditions? With the latest directives issued by Governor Polis on June 2nd, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (“Department”) has issued pool opening requirements, which are still in draft form but we hope to see finalized today.

According to the Department, outdoor swimming pools (both public and private) may open under the following conditions:

  • 50% capacity or up to 50 people, whichever is less;
  • Swimmers not in the same family must stay at least 6 feet apart during recreational swim, and there may only be one swimmer per lane during lap swim;
  • Restrooms and showers must remain open;
  • Locker rooms must stay closed;
  • All frequently touched surfaces, shared objects, and bathrooms/showers must be cleaned and disinfected every hour;
  • Provide physical cues and guides ensuring that staff and pool users stay at least six feet apart both in and out of the water.

Indoor swimming pools are subject to the above restrictions but are limited in use to 10 people per “room”.

These requirements are in effect through the month of June and possibly longer.

What does all of this mean for your association?  Are the above conditions feasible to comply with?  Are they cost-prohibitive for your community?  Please share your thoughts as to how you plan on opening your community pool and complying with the above requirements.

3 responses to “So What’s the Deal with Pools Anyway?
  1. Pools need to open up. This staying 6 feee apart is ridiculous. Being in the sun is the best way to kill this virus. Plus, there are so many chemicals in the pool it would be impossible to catch anything. People stop this paranoia. If your afraid of catching the virus, then stay inside so the rest of us can live a normal life and use the pool.

  2. Would you be able to answer is number 50 derived from strictly swimmers in the pool or a total of all with in the gated area? this would be for an outdoor pool.
    Would a mom attending in her street clothes and her to kids coming to swim count as 3 or 2?
    I have seen different interpretations.
    thank you.

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