In my initial blog on this topic, I mentioned that Awareness was an essential quality that servant leaders needed to embody.  Awareness in this context refers to an understanding of your own values, biases, strengths and weaknesses as well as the values of those served.  To enhance your awareness of yourself it requires self-reflection and self-analysis. There are many tools available to aid you in this process.  Below are some ideas and links:

    • Ask yourself a series of questions about your thoughts related to your community

While you are developing your awareness of yourself you can also develop an awareness of the values of others in your community.  One of the best ways to do this is to talk to your residents, ask their opinions, get their insights. You could take the series of questions about your values and tweak it as a survey to all your owners using a tool like

Regardless of what tools you use the important part is to always be aware!

One response to “The Servant Leader’s Awareness
  1. Let’s face it: Many people who get on boards are control freaks, plain and simple, and regardless of the type of personality assessment applied. They get on the board because theirs is the only right way, and they are going to make sure that they make the final determination as to what goes on in a group, be it an HOA, a work group, a social group or whatever. They take over, and staunchly keep anyone out of their little group that might threaten their authority, as they view it. Anyone with different or novel ideas are seen as a threat. The controller also uses his position to harass others, or, at the least, make them feel uncomfortable. Most managers will not challenge such a person, and is happy to do his bidding. As a result, many associations are not pleasant places in which to live, which I find outrageous. These type of board members view themselves as “the association,” instead of recognizing the the association is ALL the owners, whom those board members are merely supposed to represent in a democratic fashion. In these associations, disputes cannot be avoided. A heavy hand never achieves a good outcome.
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