Whether you call it marijuana, pot, cannabis, THC, or something entirely different, community associations in Colorado are feeling the wrath. In fact, many associations have already amended their governing documents prohibiting the growth and distribution of marijuana in their communities, and even more associations have adopted rules prohibiting use of marijuana in common areas. But is all this about to change?

According to Representative Puff A. Lot, the House and Legislature are “serious about protecting the rights of marijuana users in community associations.” In fact, Representative Puff A. Lot, who is sponsoring this legislation HB-420, went on to say his idea has been termed the “Hash-High Protection Initiative of 2017.” If passed, the proposed measure would require all common interest communities in Colorado to designate “Cannabis Corners” in their general common elements to allow social consumption of marijuana.

Although Representative Puff may be in favor of Cannabis Corners, Senator Bust M. Users is categorically against this proposed legislation. In fact Senator Users has made his aversion to the proposed legislation known publicly by stating, “Puff A. Lot owns several big marijuana dispensaries in the Denver area, including ‘Those Ain’t No Hashbrowns’ and ‘This Is How You Doobie,’ and this legislation is nothing more than a feeble attempt to get more business. He’s just a greedy #*@$*!!!”

Regardless of whether you support Representative Puff A. Lot or Senator Bust M. Users, one thing is for sure: Colorado’s legislative body is making room for marijuana!

P.S. April Fool!!!!!

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