Depositions: What are They?

A Deposition is one of the most useful tools employed during the litigation of a case to gather information. It is the oral testimony of a witness, usually the opposing party, which is reduced to writing for later use in court or for discovery purposes. Depositions are a vital part of the discovery process inGo to Resource

Discovery – It’s Not Just a Channel

Although Discovery is a very interesting cable channel, it is also a broad all-encompassing term to describe the fact-finding process in a lawsuit. Lawyers are literally discovering facts, evidence, witnesses, and case theories utilizing a variety of discovery tools.  Without the aid of discovery tools it would be nearly impossible for lawyers to litigate civilGo to Resource

Discrimination by Homeowner Associations – What is it and are you doing it?

Many homeowner associations, at one point or another, have discrimination charges filed, or threatened to be filed, against them. For the most part, such threats and charges are a direct result of the association enforcing the terms of its governing documents and compelling residents to do something they don’t want to do, or prohibiting residentsGo to Resource

A Twelve Step Process to Address Discrimination Complaints

We have noticed an increased filing of Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) Complaints in the past year.  These complaints can be costly and rather embarrassing if not properly addressed in the early stages of an investigation by the Colorado Civil Rights Division.  Typically, the complaints allege discriminatory practices for failure to provide a reasonable accommodationGo to Resource
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