Discrimination by Homeowner Associations – What is it and are you doing it?

Many homeowner associations, at one point or another, have discrimination charges filed, or threatened to be filed, against them. For the most part, such threats and charges are a direct result of the association enforcing the terms of its governing documents and compelling residents to do something they don’t want to do, or prohibiting residentsGo to Resource

A Twelve Step Process to Address Discrimination Complaints

We have noticed an increased filing of Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) Complaints in the past year.  These complaints can be costly and rather embarrassing if not properly addressed in the early stages of an investigation by the Colorado Civil Rights Division.  Typically, the complaints allege discriminatory practices for failure to provide a reasonable accommodationGo to Resource

Do You Trust Me?

A major component to achieving success at trial is gaining credibility with the judge and jury.  While there are many actions you can take at trial, you really gain your credibility before the lawsuit is even filed.  Adhere to the following five points and your credibility with a judge or jury will likely soar. FollowGo to Resource

Join the Club

In the classic film The Breakfast Club aspiring principal Richard Vernon watches over a brain, a basket case, an athlete, a princess, and a criminal, during a Saturday detention.  Does this sound like your Board?  The day at Shermer High School is an entertaining one, with this “Breakfast Club” of rapscallions being largely misunderstood byGo to Resource
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