As we all know, we wait around with baited breath to find out the fate of our favorite bills.  Did they get out to committee? What did people say?  Well, we no longer need to wait to find out about HB 23-1131.  This was, in a very unromantic way, postponed indefinitely on Valentine’s Day.  While many of the comments were supportive of the concept, given other legislative efforts in the works, specifically HB 23-1105, it was not time for a match with HB 23-1131.  While we still expect additional legislation concerning manager licensing and reserve studies, those topics have not yet been introduced. 

Another bill HB 23-1127 concerning the right to Use Energy was postponed indefinitely on February 9, 2023 thus leaving us with only one active bill to monitor.

We will keep you updated on these bills through our 2023 Legislative Tracker.

If you have any questions on the new bills, please contact any of our Altitude attorneys at [email protected] or (303) 432-9999.

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