The First Regular Session of Colorado’s 73rd General Assembly gaveled back into session this week with a flurry of new bills.  With Democrats in control of both chambers and the governor’s office, they have planned a very aggressive agenda to cure all of the state’s problems.  In the House alone over 118 different bills were introduced with another 104 being introduced into the Senate.  Of the first wave of bills, none are aimed at Common Interest Communities yet.  We expect these to be introduced soon though.

Of note however, is the introduction of HB21-1074 by Mary Bradford (R).  HB 21-1074 is aimed at providing civil immunity for entities that comply with applicable health guidelines related to Covid-19.  In short, the bill, if passed, would provide immunity for entities such as restaurants, stores or homeowners from Covid-19 claims so long as they are following public health guidelines.    This simple bill would provide much needed assurances to associations when they open their pools and club houses and would protect their community from these claims.  We hope this bill gets serious consideration by the House and Senate, as it provides much needed protections.

Be sure to regularly check our Legislative Tracker for updates to any proposed bills related to associations.  And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of our attorneys at 303-432-999 or [email protected]

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