In the middle of the continued debates over more controversial items, HB 1137 became the first bill impacting common interest communities to cross the finish line and become law.  HB 1237 was signed by Governor Hickenlooper on March 8, 2013.   As you may recall, HB 1137 is meant to:

  • eliminate restrictions faced by local municipalities when attempting to remove weeds from tracts of land or lots, and
  • allow the municipality to recover the cost of removal from the property owner.

This law, however, still contains an exclusion on the ability of a local municipal entity to remove weeds from property in foreclosure, so its impact will be minimal.  HB 1137 will become effective 90 days after the end of the regular session of the legislature which is expected to be August 7, 2013.

David A. Firmin
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